Jom Kurus Weight Loss Workshops

Duration: 3-4hrs
Languages: English or Malay

My most popular corporate workshop. Super fun and super educational. This one is all about weight loss and based on my award winning weight loss program “Jom Kurus”

“Jom Kurus” translates to “Let’s lose weight”. This highly interactice and engaging workshop guides participants through a step by step journey. At the end of this journey, each participants will have their own realistic unique weight loss target that they 1) understand and 2) suits their own unique lifestyle.

The secret to Jom Kurus’ many amazing success stories lies in education and empowerment. Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn about realistic goal setting, understanding their metabolic rates, role of exercise, how to burn fat, water retention, how to build a meal plan, plenty of room for Q&A and exercise sessions as a group.